Sunday, March 10, 2013


I must say that this blogging thing can be very intimidated for a beginner like myself.  Just fulfilling the requirements for this assignment was extremely challenging because the web is inundated with so much information on instructional design.  But, with a little patient, determination and will, I arrived at the end with result:  listing three blogs that I found interesting and a brief description of each.

1. Faculty Focus:

This blog is designed specifically for facilitators/teachers who want to improve their classroom environment both online and traditional classrooms.  Some of the blog topics include the following:

a. Academic Leadership
b. Curriculum Development
c. Faculty Assessment
d. Faculty Development
e. Learning Styles
f. Teaching and Learning

2. Rapid eLearning:

This blog is great for those who wants to improve their PowerPoint presentation for eLearning.  One of the best features about this blog is that it list upcoming seminars/workshops in different cities for someone who wants to attend in order to develop and/or enhance a particular skills.

3. Upside Learning:

This blog is my favorite as it addresses the booming trend of mobile learning.  This blog is definitely great for those who would like to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences as they pertain to mobile learning, and equally beneficial for those who would like to develop and/or enhance their knowledge and learn about the man benefits of mobile learning.

I hope you find these blogs interesting and educatioal.

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  1. Hi Stacie,
    Funny how we chose some of the same sites. Must mean they are good ones. Looking forward to blogging.