Saturday, March 16, 2013

Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

This week's application assignment asked that we find two online resources that are linked to this week's reading:  the brain and learning.  Below, you will find links to articles I found interesting as well as relates to the ongoing discussion.

1. How Do We Know That? Learning Styles and the Brain by Bonnie Sheryl  Kimmel

This article is very valuable as it distinguishes between left brain learners (analytic) and right brain learners (global).  It further discusses that learning takes place via two independent systems in the brain:  implicit (non-declarative) and explicit (declarative).  The author purports that a particular goal type affects whether implicit or explicit learning predominates one's learning style.

2. Education and the Brain:  A Bridge Too Far by John Bruer

This article argues that not enough is known about brain development and neural function to link that understanding in every meaningful, defensible way to instruction and educational practice.    Also, it draws a relationship between critical periods and synaptogenesis/synaptic pruning insofar as critical periods coinciding with the period of excess synapse formation.  Moreover, Bruer focus on in on the notion that an enriched and/or complex environment plays a part in synaptic growth throughout one's life span and not simply during the critical ages of birth through 10 years old.

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